Getting There

Renting a Car to get to the Pyramids of Giza

Renting a Car to get to the Pyramids of Giza

Touring the Pyramids of Giza is made easy thanks to the well connected transport system. Getting to the pyramids is made possible through the following means.

• By Taxi

From Cairo, tourists can use a taxi to get the pyramids. This is one of the most affordable, easiest and fastest ways to get to the pyramids. When using a taxi, tourists can either choose an unmetered or metered system. White and solid yellow taxis are metered as well as air conditioned. Look for a taxi that is affordable in order to avoid paying too much.

• By Bus

If you are in central Cairo, you can get to the pyramids by bus going on routes 355 or 357. Most of the buses providing this service are air conditioned and they travel every twenty minutes and stops at Menem Riyad Station which is close to Egyptian museum after which they continue to the pyramids. Going to the Giza pyramids by 900 or the 997 buses far is far more interesting. There are 3 bus lanes and you should be careful when getting around, to avoid being a victim of scammers who take people to their own camels rather than the buses.

• By Metro

Another alternative you can use to get to the pyramids of Giza is the metro. There are 2 metro lanes and they run from Cairo to Giza but they don’t get to the pyramids. When using the metro, you will get off once you get to the Giza station. From there, you have to travel another 8km to get to the pyramids. You can then use buses or minibuses to get to the pyramids.

• Getting Around

A restroom is available on the right side of a ticket booth located close to the pyramids. Foreigners are always asked to provide their LE 1 by an attendant of the restroom. There is another restroom close to close to a gift shop in Solar Barque Museum and you have to talk to the shop’s attendant to get the door opened. The last restroom which is free is located close to the exit found on the third floor.